Thomas Gassmann


  • microurl - a personal url shortener and code snippet sharing tool

    microurl is a personal url shortener and code snippet sharing tool. It's based on .NET Core and Angular and was desined to be run with Google Cloud Run and Google Cloud Datastore. It should be easy to use and deploy, even going as far as to have one-click deployment via the Google Cloud Run button.

  • mycloud-cli - command line utility to manage data on Swisscom myCloud

    mycloud-cli is a Python-based command line utility with the goal to manage all your data on Swisscom myCloud through an easy to use CLI interface. It can easily be installed via pip: python3 -m pip install --user --upgrade mycloud-cli

  • mobydq (contributor) - tool to automate data quality checks on data pipelines

    During my internship in Shanghai, China, I was working on MobyDQ, a tool for data quality checks inspired by an internal project at Ubisoft. I mainly worked on the Python-based backend, but also did some work on the frontend and infrastructure-related areas.

  • OSS contributions

    I'm generally a fan of OSS and try to contribute as much as possible. I'm also a member of the .NET Foundation and have contributed to some of their projects.

Besides that, there's still a lot of other things I'm working on.